Our Story

Hello! Salaam! Merhaba! Bonjour!


Welcome to our little sparkly corner of the web. We are Havva and Berrin, two London born Turkish women that have a love for stunning jewellery and admire women in business because let’s be honest there in nothing more empowering than a boss lady rocking amazing jewellery!

We are best friends, soul sisters ,as well as business partners and founded Sultanesque in 2011 when we decided that it would be unfair not to share Sultanesque jewellery with the rest of the world. Sultanesque jewellery is modern yet ethnic, just like us. The designs are inspired by the Ottoman motifs that were used on jewellery and ornaments over 500 years ago, yet are handcrafted into modern jewellery to suit today’s trends. We work with a team of Sultanesque artisans both men and women that work meticulously to handcraft every item of jewellery.

We work with an assortment of colourful gemstones sought from countries across the world. This makes every gemstone jewel unique and special just like its wearer.

We really do hope that you fall in love with our collection. Regardless, if you have any questions, feedback or if you'd just like to say hi, please do! You can contact us via hello@sultanesque.com


With love,


Berrin & Havva xx