Mother of Pearl: a fitting gift idea for Mother’s Day?

Recently, a customer asked us for advice on what would make a great gift to give their mum. This is actually a question that we receive often but we thought that their idea was so touching that we wanted to share it.

While we were showing them possible ideas they came across the mother of pearl and said that's perfect because...

First, What is Mother of Pearl? Everything You Need to Know

The term used for the iridescent substance that forms the inner layer of the shell of some mollusks, mother of pearl is often used to make unique pieces of jewelry, among other uses, that have a boho-chic aesthetic. Due to the close relationship between mother of pearl and pearls, there's often confusion between the two, though many significant differences exist.

How is Mother of Pearl Different from Pearls?

Both mother of pearl and pearl gemstones are made of nacre, but mother of pearl refers specifically to the nacre-coated inner-shell of the mollusk. Pearls, on the other hand, are made completely out of nacre. When an irritant gets trapped inside a mollusk, the mollusk, in order to protect itself, coats this irritant with layers upon layers of nacre until it develops into a pearl three to four years later.


The History of Mother of Pearl

Historically, some cultures placed great importance on mother of pearl, at some points more than pearls themselves. For example, in ancient Egypt, mother of pearl was used to embellish silver pieces. Mother of pearl was also immensely popular in China during the Shang and Ming Dynasties. Finally, in the Americas, Native American tribes regularly traded mother of pearl and used it to create beads and jewelry.

According to popular belief, one reason why it's called mother of pearl is that the nacre-lined shells are the belly in which pearls are produced.

Indeed, mother of pearl and actual pearl gemstones do share some common characteristics, but that said, they're also very different from one another.


Gift for a Mum

What better way to show a mother that you appreciate all that she did and does for you by moulding you into the person you are today, moulding you into a gemstone, and taking the time to create a pearl.

After talking to us about his idea he ended up getting a mother of pearl necklace not only for his mum but also for his mother-in-law and wife as well. All because, well they're mothers. How sweet! If you have a similar story about how you decided on a particular gemstone we would love to hear it. Also, check out our selection of pearl gemstones.

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