Lamia Lapis Lazulli and Turquoise Ring


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22k gold-plated bronze ring made with beautiful Lapis Lazulli and Turquoise stones.

The timeless 22k gold plated pieces are handcrafted by Turkish artisans using semi precious stones sourced from countries all over the world.

made from:

Sultanesque rings consist of a combination of bronze, silver, copper and brass metals. The metals are welded together dependent on the qualities of the metals making them the most suitable for the role they have to play in the crafting process. The metal which beds the stone directly beneath it is brass whilst the metal which encapsulates the circumference of the stone is copper as this metal is durable and the most suited to moulding neatly and therefore supporting the stone. Pure bronze is used in the arm of the ring, which makes up the majority of metals used. Pure silver is used to solder the bronze arm onto the brass.

Once the skeleton of the ring has been crafted it goes through a plating process called electroplating. The ring is immersed into a chemical solution including powdered 22 karat gold. A negative charge is put onto the metal, which is in a positively charged solution including metal ions, which are attracted to the negatively charged object and are then reduced to a metallic form upon it. The rings are left in this solution for an extended period to guarantee thicker plating.

As with all plated metals the gold plating can tarnish when exposed to sweat, lotion, perfume and other solutions. Individual wear, lifestyle and body acidity levels are all factors, which will affect the plating.


Adjustable to all sizes.


Standard delivery to the UK is free and will be made in 1-3 days. International delivery times can vary.


Delivered in a Sultanesque embossed luxury black and gold ring box.